Song Bird

It's already early summer.
Have you all fashionistas prepared your special outfits for the summer vacation yet?

We have just released summer knit suits and belts.

"Song Bird" is the newest famale suits composed of tank and skirt.
2styles of knit tank has leather borders.
You can wear short or normal tank to make your own style.
Frilly skirt is composed of 3sculpted prims parts.
11colors are available.

You can also enjoy "mix and match" with these colorful summer tanks and skirts.

At the same time, we released leather glitter sculpted belts.
They are twisted broad belt with metal buckle.
3colors are available.

Model wearing "Song Bird" from Ce Cubic effect
Hairs from Detour, Zero Style, Cake
Shoes from sandals from J's, heels and boots Maitreya, wedges from Armidi
Accessories from VG Repblic, Earthtones, Armidi
Hat from Tesla