Song Bird Free Update!!!

We supply "free" undershirt layer parts of Song Bird.

If you have them, you can wear shirt, keeping your tank on.

For example, if you have one of Fandango also, you can wear both Song Bird and Fandango.

Please come to our store to get them and enjoy mix!!!


Bohemian Glow

Ce Cubic effect released turbans bound aound the head.
Hairs are not included.
We call them "Bohemian Glow".
8 colors are available.
Enjoy <3

Hairs from left
ETD Roslin
Zero Style
Detour Prairie

Hairs from left
MMS-Hair Vanessa
Little Heaven rabi
MMS-Hair Messy



Here we announce the newest release from Ce Cubic effect.
Summer dress shirt with short sleeves named "Fandango".
The sleeves are rolled up and the hem of the shirt is tied.
On the beach and in town, you can wear Fandango in casual and elegant look.
9colors are available.

from left
Skirt : GiGi Couture
Belt : Bukka
Pants : Cubic effect
Bikini : Kitties Lair

from left
Pants : G.L.A.M
Pants : G.L.A.M
Pants : Cubic effect

from left
Hat : Cubic effect
Pants : Armidi
Pants: G.L.A.M


New Release "Natural Eight" & New Main Store

We are happy to annouce that our main store just moved to Chantilly SIM.
TP to New Main Store
To celebrate the opening of our new main store, we release broad-brimmed hat named "Natural Eight".

2 types are included in a pack.
You can put on it both in elegant and casual styles.
10 colors are available.