Leg warmer

New arrival from Ce Cubic effect is "Leg warmer".
Realistic sculpted legwarmers cover and fit your legs perfectly.

12 colors are available.
You can get each color and 2 types of fatpacks.


Our New Logo

Photo by mirai Jun
Me with mirai Jun


Short leather jackets Ⅱ for women

from left
Hair - Trinity by ETD
Hair - Envy by 69

from left
Hair - Envy by 69
Hair - Luna by Detour
Hair - by Aden

from left
Hair - by ETD
Hair - Sofia by Aden
Hair - Trinity by ETD

It's still hot in Japan where I live in RL.
However on the streets, fashionistas already enjoy shopping autumn clothes.

In SL, we've just released "Short leather jackets Ⅱ for women".
They are full sculpted cool jackets for us girls.
6 colors are available.


Wrap tank mini dress

Do you start preparing your closet for the coming autumn ?
Our newest release is sexy female outfit named "Wrap tank mini dress".

From left
Hair - Eva-more from Maitreya
Boots - Dune from Maitreya
Socks - from Maitreya
Accessories - from 69

Hair - Aimee from Maitreya
Sandal - From J's

Hair - Maite from Maitreya
Boots - Broom from Maitreya
Socks - from Maitreya

From left
Hair - UPP18 from booN
Sanglasses - from booN
Soes - from Maitreya

Hair - Loose Bun from Maitreya
Sandal - from J's
Accessories - from 69

Hair - HERA from MMS
Shoes - Slinky from Maitreya
Necklace - from Armidi Limited

Hair - Short Crop from AVEDA
Shoes - from Stiletto Moody
Tights - from Cachet
Necklace - from Paper Couture

From left
Hair - Keira from MMS
Heel - from Stiletto Moody

Hair - Vanessa from MMS
Boots - Dune from Maitreya
Shades - from booN

Hair - Dianna from MMS
Necklace - from 69
Boots - from Armidi

Hair - Kristin from Zero Style
Necklace - from Earthtones
Socks - from Maitreya
Boots - Dune from Maitreya

From left
Hair - Colleen from Aden
Necklace - from Armidi Limited
Tights - from Cachet
Shoes - ChiChi from Maitreya

Hair- Wish from Cake
Necklace - from 69
Sandals - from J's

Hair - UZU22 from booN
Necklace - from 69
Shoes - Venus from HUB

Hair - Carrie from MMS
Necklace - from 69
Socks - from Maitreya
Heel - Slinky from Maitreya

It will be the first and the best dress for your autumn :)
Strapless mini dress has little rolled up hem.
Long arm parts are separated from body and cover over the wrists.
15 colors are available.

Enjoy <3


Emi Loves Ce Vol. 01

My style of Ce Cubic effect appeared on Vain Inc Issue12.

mirai and me @ main store :))

Shirt and Sweater - !_Ce_Cubic effect Knit&Shirtwaist
Socks - SHOP SEU kushukushu kutsushita
Shoes - J's P.E Sneaker

Parker - !_Ce Cubic effect Hooded parker
Turban - !_Ce Cubic effect Bohemian Glow
Hair - Zero Style

Shirt - !_Ce Cubic effect Fandango
Hair - SHOP SEU Pompadour hair
Paparbag - 69 (free gift)

Knit - !_Ce Cubic effect Hooded knit
Hair - Detour Luna
Socks - SHOP SEU kushukushu kutsushita
Shoes - Maitreya ChiChi

If you are a flickr addict like me, please join our group on flickr!!
You can add your photos, wearing the outfits of Ce Cubic effect to the group pool.
Mirai and me love to see the photos of your own style of Ce Cubic effect.
There already posted so many photos.
When you worry about your outfits today, it is available of you to see other people's photos to get the idea of making your style!!
Come and share the fashion photo stream of Ce Cubic effect on flickr <33